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Being Aligned in Your WORK and Personal Life

We believe you can pursue your professional goals without sacrificing your personal life.

joseph and elisabeth -Transform and thrive

Our Story

We started out in the usual grind, exchanging hours for paychecks, time for money.

Elisabeth worked in an ICU and volunteered at a local clinic. Joseph started out working for various non-profits and eventually changed to the private sector, working his way up in a marketing company and then hired on at a software company.

We were like many people in their 20’s- no kids and lots of free time. Work-life balance wasn’t a big issue because we didn’t have a lot of responsibilities until…

Elisabeth’s temporary maternity leave from her ICU job turned into a permanent stay-home-at-home-with-our-firstborn job.

Joseph’s company began a wave of layoffs and “helping” people retire early. It became increasingly clear that Joseph was investing his time into a company that could let him go at any moment.

The security of a paycheck wasn’t secure enough knowing that our financial livelihood depended on one external source. As long as the company was making profits it could care less about who was making it profitable.

The discomfort of our situation became the motivation for transformation

The transformation wasn’t easy…

Being in control of our own schedules meant having a lot more on our plates.

We felt the pressure of that never-ending to-do list of developing a business, especially because the pressure of failure is real and our income depended on how much we could get done.

There was no “clocking out” like before. (Did I mention we had a newborn when we started this journey?)

Starting a business is more than just doing the work you know to do, it’s figuring out all the structural support you need to sustain that work: billing and taxes, your own website and marketing, email lists, social media accounts, etc.

You have the actual work and the structural work.

And then you have the transformational work.

If you are getting all of this done but you’re having a miserable time doing it, feeling isolated and stressed, your relationships and health deteriorating, it can seem like it’s not worth it.

When you own your own business, if you’re not careful, the worst boss you’ve ever had could end up being yourself.

The stress can be overwhelming and work-life balance can feel like a broken see-saw with you seemingly held hostage while the weight of the work continues to pile on the other end.

There is definitely a place for grinding it out and hustling, but left unchecked you will eventually burn out. We had to figure out a rhythm and strategies that worked for us.

Out of this came Transform and Thrive.

We believe you CAN own your professional goals without sacrificing your personal life.

We’re here to help with the transformational work so that you are succeeding in your professional work (whether you own a business or not).

Who You’ll Work With

joseph - transform and thrive.png
Joseph has a background in marketing, technology, and business. He has a master’s degree in human relations and years of experience as an entrepreneur. His unique skillset forms the ultimate combination of strategic thinking to give you insight for your next move. His dedication to personal leadership will help you clarify your personal and professional goals so you can thrive in work and life.
  • Ennegram: 4w5
  • Working Genius: WD
  • #1 CliftonStrengths: Significance
  • DISC: DC (Challenger) or CD (Designer)
elisabeth - transform and thrive

Elisabeth has a background in health and education. She’s a functional health nurse and her years as a health professional form the ultimate combination of caring experience and evidence-based practice to support and promote a healthy foundation for her clients. Elisabeth’s dedication to research-based strategies will give practical, proven steps that help improve your overall well-being.

  • Ennegram: 1w2
  • Working Genius: WE
  • #1 CliftonStrengths: Communication
  • DISC: SIC (Advocate)

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